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ODE to the art

Because Alexis Nunnelly, an artist from New York, is – coincidentally – also in Hamburg for a residency and is working on new works at “Studio Frühling” in Lokstedt. Together with Noah Frese and Luisa Frühling, the two founders of the collective. And voilà: four artists, two countries, one collaborative impact
“Gregory Eltringham meets Noah Frese + Luisa Frühling + Alexis Nunnelly” is the simple name of the show, which celebrates its finissage at the Münzviertel street festival on July 20. Until then, there will be “an exhibition with a colorful kaleidoscope”, according to Lösekann. “Taking a stand, exploring boundaries – an ode to the art”

TUCOS Frühling Studio


Alexis Nunnelly from Brooklyn, NY worked with us in June 2024. She came to the studio for an artist residency and realized “The unyielding compulsion of selfdestruction” with Luisa Frühling and Noah Frese. We thank her very much for this inspiring time. 


Noah Frese, Luisa Frühling and Gregory Eltringham will be exhibiting together at Xpon-Art Gallery from July 4-20, 2024

Opening on 4.7.24 from 7 pm at the Xpon-Art-Gallery Hamburg, Repsoldstraße 45

Artist residency

There will be lots of action in the studio in June! Alexis Nunnelly will be working with us for a month to create a music video. We are very excited to see what our time together will be like and are delighted that she is making the journey from New York to join us.

You can see more here:


Luisa Frühling exhibits at the Kunstklinik Hamburg from June 7, 2024 to July 19, 2024

Opening on Friday, 7.6.24 from 7pm at the Kunstklinik Hamburg, Martinistraße 44a 


Julia moved in as a fashion designer in may. She produces with a lot of love and has great recognition value in her cuts. We are delighted that she has joined us. 

For inquiries, please write to instagram: @_juliabraun_


Noah Frese exhibits at the Millerntor Gallery from May 31 to June 2, 2024

Opening on Friday 31.05.24: 4 – 11 pm


Hamburg is once again at the forefront of tattoo art.

From February 23 to 25, 2024, local, regional and international artists will meet in the Hamburg exhibition halls. 

Lariz moves in

Lariz moved in as a tattoo artist in January. She impresses with her great attention to detail and stylistic confidence. We are delighted that she has joined us. 

For inquiries, please write to instagram: @tattoo_lariz


Luisa Frühling at ADDART: vangard I Littler shows newcomer art by Luisa Frühling. Luisa Frühling’s large-format works are characterized by opulence and abundance in terms of both colour and content. Structures are formed from colorful surfaces that merge with flowers, waves and ornaments to create a frenzy of colors.

Opening on 16.11.23, 6pm / Neuer Wall 43, 20354 Hamburg / Further information at


We would like to invite all followers and guests to the first vernissage to mark the opening of the new studio. We show paintings by Noah Frese & Luisa Frühling.

Vernissage: 15.12.23, 6pm – 12pm